Travelling to Dubai, UAE

Dubai is culturally rich with strong Arabic Islamic roots, with hundreds of traditional mosques sprinkled within the city, but at the same time is extremely tolerant of the foreign religions of its visitors. Shopping in Dubai is a thrilling experience of its own, dubbed as the “shopping capital of the Middle East,” as well as the “City of Gold,” as it boasts more than 250 gold jewellery stores. Dubai has made its mark as a bustling international centre of business and top destination spot worldwide. From the endless sights of the Arabian Desert to the gorgeous views of the Persian Gulf, for a more than a perfect vacation, book your Dubai holiday today. Marst Africa is currently offering great deals on Dubai packages! Let our team of travel experts help you search for Dubai flights, the best Dubai hotels, as well as information on how to obtain a Dubai visa.

What to See in Dubai

Dubai is well-known for its numerous man-made marvels of architecture. Burj Khalifa, the “Tallest Building in the World,” measures in at 829.8 meters tall and is the recipient of more than 25 awards from around the globe. Burj Khalifa breaks multiple world records within its own property, including the world’s highest observation deck on the 148th floor, and the world’s highest nightclub on the 144th floor. Visit Dubai for a night at Burj Al Arab, also known as the “The world’s only 7-star Hotel”, it elegantly mirrors the look of sail of a ship and is located on its own private island, just off Jumeirah beach. A splendid choice for couples wanting to spend a fairytale-like honeymoon in Dubai. Aside from these awe-worthy buildings, a Dubai holiday is highlighted by laying eyes on the extraordinary artificial archipelagos, like the world-famous Palm Jumeirah, and The World, each representing true works of art from Dubai.

What to Do in Dubai

With so many interesting things to do and see in Dubai, half the fun is in the challenge of fitting the best Dubai attractions into one trip! Complete your Dubai vacation with the ride of your life through the sandy dunes of the Dubai desert during a 4X4 Arabian Desert tour. Be sure to discover the rich ancient history of the land at the Dubai Museum, the city’s oldest standing building, and treat yourself to a lavish shopping experience at one of Dubai’s many shopping malls. When the sun goes down, Dubai’s colorful nightlife commences. Dance the night away at vibrant nightclubs, or sip slow on a relaxing drink at a swanky sky-high bar.
No other place in the world will provide you with the experience Dubai has to offer. Unravel it all by booking your Dubai holiday with discount Dubai travel packages on Marst Africa!

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