1.Holiday Agreement

As you book a safari with us you’ll be obligated to accept our terms and conditions. These conditions are in agreement with the information laid out in our brochure, and website and form the entire agreement between you and Marst Africa Tours & Travel. Other guidance provided by a third party and is not in our brochure, or in our website will constitute your contract with Marst Africa Tours & Travel.

2. Pricing

A deposit of 30% of the total amount is required by Marst Africa Tours & Travel upon the booking confirmation. This is to enable us secure hotel bookings and other products for you. The due balance should be paid 45 days prior to commencement of your Journey. If the booking is made less than 45 days prior to the start of your journey, full payment will be required at the time of booking. If the deposit is not paid at the required time, Marst Africa Tours & Travel reserves the right to cancel the booking. Our website and brochure prices are in US dollars, based on per person sharing. Our prices and special offers are subject to change without prior notice.

3. Change of Reservation

Request for changes must be in writing from the person who made the reservation. Charges will be advised accordingly depending on the booking. If the booking is changed closer to the departure date, the fee for changing the book will increase, changes affected less than 3 weeks before departure may not be possible without attracting cancellation charges.

4. Cancellation or refunds

Cancellation or refunds are provided on a written notification. Refunds are calculated after deduction of cancellation fees levied by hotels, lodges, and banks. It is also important to note that terms differ with providers but generally as below:

60-30 Days-50% of the Total Cost will be charged
29-16Days-75% of the Total cost will be charged
15-4 Days-90% of the Total cost will be charged
Less than 3 days 100% non-refundable

5.Tour adjustment/Cancellation by Marst Africa Tours & Travel

It is unlikely that we shall make any changes or cancellation to your travels plan, but in anticipated circumstances (i.e. Non- payments of the due balance, re-scheduling or flight cancellation by an airline, or main charter, political demonstration, industrial dispute, technical, or maintenance problems with means of transportation, terrorist activity, fire, unfavorable weather conditions). Marst Africa Tours & Travel reserves the right to alter any arrangement, or to cancel the operation of any scheduled tour.

The above are examples of major changes, and there are some trivial changes (i.e. Change of timings / routings and carriers specified on our website/brochures which may be changed is subject to availability, adjustment of your flight timings by less than 12 hrs).

Change of accommodation to another of equivalent standard. We also reserve the right to cancel the safari in condition that the minimum numbers of clients have not met. Nevertheless, we shall not cancel your travel plan less than 2 months prior to your departure date, reimbursement shall be made except for insurance premium or amendment charges or any other external reasons beyond our control as indicated above.

Failure to join a tour by the required departure time or leave prior to its completion, Marst Africa Tours & Travel will not be held accountable for any additional transportation, accommodation, or any other service.

6. Mode of Payment

All prices are quoted in US Dollars. You may pay by cash or TT’s (Telegraphic Transfer) to Marst Africa Tours & travel, or to your travel agent. Foreign currency Cheques, TT’s, and payments by credit card are accepted and are subject to bank charges at the prevailing rates at the time of transaction.

7. Complaints

Kindly let the driver or guide know immediately if you are inconvenienced in any way during your trip. Should this happen at the hotel, camp, lodge, or resort, report the matter to our manager, senior staff members who are on call 24 hours a day to assist with any issues which may arise?

In the event that an issue isn’t addressed, write a letter to the director. This should be done no later than a month upon the completion of the safari.

8. Travel Documents

Please make sure that your documents are valid for travel. Contact Embassies, High Commissions, or consulates for official advice. We will gladly furnish you with more information concerning passport, visas, and vaccinations requirements. Non compliance with travel regulations may result in unpleasant consequences, exclusion from carriage, refusal of entry, fines by the authorities of the country of destination, surveillance, or quarantine at your expense.

9. Booking Cancellation

Do cancel your reservation if you change your travel plans. If you fail to use a reservation your onward the return reservation may be cancelled, and a “no show” fee may be charged.

10. Airline and Airport taxes

Any domestic and international departures or arrival taxes, security charges, and any type of taxes imposed by airlines, airports, and governments are not included in the tour price. The amount of these charges will be passed on to each traveler at the time of reservations. Taxes vary depending on the itinerary.

11. Quotes and ticketing

Airlines and airfares included in the brochure are subject to change without notice. All published airfares are subject to change and until ticketed. If flight changes are requested after the deposit has been received, or if flights are cancelled after the tickets are issued, change fee or airline penalties will be applicable.

12. Check-in

Allow yourself sufficient time at the airport for checking-in procedures and documents formalities. Note: recent security measures implemented at airports means longer queues.

Recommended check in times

Domestic Flights: 2 hours before departure

International flights: 3 hours before departure

13. Cabin Baggage Allowance

For your comfort and safety you are allowed ONE piece of handbag baggage.

14. Baggage Allowance

Your free baggage allowance may be limited by any combination of weight, number of pieces, and dimensions.

The interior and exterior of the luggage

Name labels identify your luggage in the event of mishandling.

Remove all old labels
Pack all important papers, medicines, cash, jewelry in carry-on luggage
Lock your bags
Avoid excess luggage
Do not pack DANGEROUS ARTICLES in your bags. (Compressed gases, explosives flammable solids, liquids or corrosive substances, oxidizers, poisons, radioactive materials, magnetized materials).
Medicines and toiletries for use during the journey may be carried

15. Re-confirmation

Do not forget to reconfirm your booking for your connecting, or return flight at least 72 hours BEFORE departure.

16. Geographical Site

The geographical area of the Republic of Kenya is 582,650 sq km. This is roughly the size of France.

17. High Season

The high season is from July to December and December to March. These are the best months to visit the National Parks and Game Reserves to see the wildlife; you can also indulge in adventure and other activities. The grass is short during these times with plenty of food for wildlife and the climate is also great.

18. Currency

The unit of currency is the Kenya Shilling abbreviated as KSh or KES. Bank notes are available in denominations of KSh 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1,000 while coins are available in KSh 1, 5, 10, 20. Money is freely changed in banks, foreign exchange bureau, and at the hotels.

19. Visa

Visitors to Kenya are required by law to have valid passports and visas. You can obtain your visa at your country of origin, or upon arrival at the airport. However, it is recommended that you check for visa requirements to Kenya from the Airline, the Kenya tourist office, High Commission, or Diplomatic Office in your country.

20. Security

The security situation in Kenya is good. However visitors should avoid walking in dark or isolated areas both during the day and at night. Do not wear flashy jewelry and avoid carrying valuables or large sums of money with you, unless absolutely necessary. Always leave your valuable items in safe custody at your hotel.

21. Health

Visitors to Kenya require vaccination against cholera and yellow fever. Other vaccinations recommended are against typhoid, tetanus and hepatitis. As a precaution against Malaria, prophylactics should be taken before, during and after a visit to Kenya.

22. Internet

Internet and email services are available at most lodges and hotels including those situated at the National Parks and Game Reserves. These services can also be accessed in cyber cafes countrywide. The costs vary from one area to another. Voltage 240; Plug G. You will need a voltage converter, and plug adapter in order to use U.S. appliances. We recommend getting a universal adapter and converter kit.

23. Language

The official language in Kenya is English and the national language is Kiswahili. Most people in the urban areas speak in English, while the majority in both the urban and rural areas converse in Kiswahili.

24. Transportation

Transport is either on an open roof 8 seater mini buses for maximum view, Terrain 4×4 vehicles with services of an English, Spanish, Dutch or French tour guides.

25. Accommodation

Accommodation is in standard room, Single/twin or double room. Rooms are normally available from 1200hrs and checking out as from 1000hrs. When visiting the tropics, be ready to encounter cockroaches, ants and mosquitoes and many others in your hotel, resort or at the tented camps. Nearly all of the Lodges and semi permanent lodges are usually made from concrete in varying forms, most with a swimming pool. Camps are made of canvas and wood or semi permanent materials. A Sleeping bag is essential or can be hired at a minimal cost.

26. Liability

Marst Africa Tours & travel acts only as an agent for the client in all matters regarding hotel, lodges, Camp accommodation, tours, transport and shall not therefore, be liable for baggage loss, injury, delay, or damage in any manner whatsoever. We highly advice that you guard your valuables and maintain vigilance while on safari; However Marst Africa Tours & Travel accepts responsibility for mishaps caused by negligence/fault of our employees.

NOTE: Travel Insurance is highly recommended prior to the commencement of the safari

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