While you are on safari, carry a pair of eye drops or a pair of glasses. These will come in handy because the roads are dusty and they affect visitors who wear contact lens.

When you’re going on safari carry a light bag. In the event that you would like some clothes washed, there are laundry facilities throughout your safari at an extra cost. It is also important to monitor your luggage weight when you returning home from East Africa.

The mini vans are always punctual for the game view drives. Therefore you’re advised be on time for the departure of your safari.

It does get hot when you’re on holiday. Therefore we advise you to wear sunscreen, a pair of good sunglasses and a hat. All lodges have a swimming pool except the Tree Hotel. When you want to get a bit of sun, follow these precautions.

When you’re on safari, they’ll be plenty photo opportunities. Don’t forget to carry a camera.


When you are taking a stroll, don’t exchange money on the street – it is illegal.

Don’t carry your passports, valuables, and money everywhere you go. Check them into the security boxes at the hotels and lodges.

You are also advised to not walk in the street of Nairobi and other major towns at night. If you have to please take a taxi. In the event that you have to go out, please inform a tour member. Whenever you’re out alone use your best judgment.

Avoid street hustlers who ask you to donate to any cause.

Most hotels and lodges don’t offer the facility to make international calls expect for Nairobi. If you have to make a call it will cost US $ 10 per minute for a long distance call.

Whenever you’re taking pictures, don’t take shots of locals with permission. Other subjects you should avoid are the military, policemen in uniform, the President or Government officials.


The following should only be used as a guideline. For outstanding personal service, you may decide to give a higher tip.

Porter age US$ 1.00 per bag
Dining room staff US$ 1.00 per person
Your driver guide US$ 10.00 per person per day



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